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Reading and Writing

Second Grade is a big year for our readers!  They start tackling longer books in both fiction and non-fiction, with a big focus on fluency and comprehension.  In addition to retelling a book, readers are asked to go beyond a text, make inferences and use evidence from the text to support their thinking.  They then transfer what they have experienced in their reading to their writing.  Our literacy vision and program is intentionally designed to attend to the five pillars identified by the National Reading Council - phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Writers are taken through the writing process of generating, planning, editing, revising and publishing across a variety of genres.  There is a big focus on volume and elaboration.   A big component of reading and writing is for the children to take ownership of their learning and to set goals. 

students on mat reading


Second Grade mathematicians will solidify their fact fluency (0-20) for addition and subtraction.  They will problem solve, choosing and applying a variety of efficient math strategies.  In addition to showing their thinking on paper, the students will be encouraged to verbally explain their strategies.